Week Two Summary

I will start off with a saddening thought for at least myself, as due to my awful time management skills and foolishness I didn’t read anything on the week two page until Wednesday at 1:00 AM, so I was unable to complete four daily creates for this week, but I did complete two that can be viewed at the bottom of this post. Also as a result of this lack of time management skills, I wasn’t commenting on anyone’s post the entirety of the beginning of this week. This is soon to change! I know now what is expected and the weeks following will be much more involved and my time will be better spent completing the work for DS106 earlier in the week. In the meantime though, all I can do is apologize and promise to be better for upcoming work.

Now onto my reflection on the work I did for this week. The Assignment Bank was a whole new beast that I honestly heavily enjoyed working with. In not any of my classes I have ever taken in higher education or even in high school there has never been a class that allows me to pick an assignment out of a selection of assignments and rates them on a difficulty scale. I had a lot of fun trying out Photoshop and learning the basics of it to complete my design assignment and writing assignment. Just for the sake of linking, this is the link to the visual assignment I completed as well. I think it opens creative outlets to edit photos and create something new out of preexisting photos that make a whole new narrative all together than the photos used.

The things I learned how to do this week are probably some of the most important things I could ever learn to prepare me for real life. The skills this class inherently has one learn is not only useful in just communication and cooperatively among say, a workplace, but also teaches discipline and reflection on both one’s own work and the work of his/her “coworkers” (in this case, classmates).

Customizing this blog was also an interesting experience. Before Week Two assignments came out last Friday, I was playing around with WordPress customization to see what I could do but I completely glossed over the themes you could use! The themes are an absolute godsend, I had been trying to put a menu like the one you would see on a mobile device appear on the top right on a computer, but I couldn’t get it to work until I started playing around with the themes. It was a lot of fun and a lot of creativity went into figuring out what looks the best for this blog.

The name, The Sleepy Review, is named after my general mood most of every waking hour. I also named it as such because it sounded like a cozy, warm book you could snuggle up on a couch and read with a warm fireplace in front of you and snow falling outside of the window behind you. As for the logo, everything on my blog and my social media accounts portrays something Kirby, a Nintendo video game character I loved as a child and his various moods he has make him just about perfect for a great online profile picture and logo alias.

Our theme is also sure to be inspiring. While this theme of “What’s our/your story?” seems to encompass pretty much anything you could think of, that’s what makes it so beautiful. Everyone’s interpretation of our theme diverges in so many ways that each and every one of our stories that we craft will be different. I think that’s what makes telling your own story so beautiful: everyone’s is unique.

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I also failed to be an active commenter at the beginning of this week, so I feel your pain!

I just wanted to say, I really like how you structured your summary blog post.

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