Week One Summary

This week was one heck of a ride trying to set up social media accounts I have never used before. Firstly, I decided on the name for my domain as “crimetribe” because of an inside joke my friends and I in my hometown have, and we have our own domain already (“”) and we were using it to communicate and interact during this challenging pandemic situation. I tried to link that domain to the UMW domains and create a subdomain, but after a few tries I decided it was probably just easier to make a new domain. Creating introductions was a LOT harder than I thought it would be, especially the one on youtube trying to articulate clearly and look at the camera and that kind of stuff. I thought making a blog like this and navigating it would be a little bit harder than it was, but I’m glad it operates basically like a root server management system (cPanel) and like google docs editing options for WordPress. What drove me bonkers is trying to re-login to my centuries old twitter and delete all of the users I followed from back in 10th grade if I were to be using twitter again, and getting rid of all my old, stupid tweets. I especially enjoyed playing around with WordPress and learning the basics of managing my domain. It really gave me a feel for how websites can be run and inspired me to potentially continue this website long after academic study and into building a resume and such.

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