Week Five Summary

This week was a doozie! I will admit this week was a lot of work and audio storytelling I can already tell is going to be my hardest form of storytelling to master, but overall this week was a lot of fun! I think my favorite assignment out of this week was the tweet along radio show, it was just so much fun to analyze the different ways the show used sound effects effectively yet subtly. I think listening to “Moon Graffiti” and doing the radio bumper for the ds106 radio were also a lot of fun to do and respond to. The assignment bank assignments (1, 2, 3) were also really fun to complete, admittedly the worst sounds assignment proved to be a struggle with the inability to shield my ears from such wretched sounds. I also like the prospect of a radio talk show that we brainstormed on this week, it seems like an interesting and overall incredibly interesting and creative assignment and I’m really looking forward to it. Overall, although I will probably not be nearly the best at audio storytelling and editing and will probably never get there, it was a lot of fun trying out that new stuff and I look forward to doing the work for this class each week! You can find my daily creates below.

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