Looking Ahead at Our Stories

With projects like the radio show, in which a longer narrative was employed to tell a story to the audience in an auditory reception to engage and entertain, so as well is it equally if not more effective in the form of a video, which involves both visual and auditory reception. It would be interesting to explore ideas for a video project such as telling a story over video in like a “storytelling” scenario where the video focuses on the storyteller reading the book of their story or something like that, and that story is narrated by that storyteller and there are pictures and animation that are used as visual and the storyteller becomes a sort of voiceover. I think that would be an incredibly interesting, yet time consuming, idea that might really make telling my story a lot of fun. I think such an idea would engage an audience but also maintain a digital footprint online that keeps my story, my story. My story will never disappear in that sense, and it will live on in that way as a reminder of the story myself, but also us as a group, told ourselves and lived in this class.

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This is a cool idea! Sorta like those story telling animation youtubers? Obviously without the awesome drawing skills though haha, solid idea!

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