Global Thermonuclear War

Oh how I love this silly prompt! Since the Wargames movie in 1983, I’ve always wondered what would happen if what was played out by the computer wanting to play thermonuclear war actually carried out the plans it had for human destruction on a global thermonuclear scale. I’ll write my perspective of the computer realizing what it had done after launching all the nukes and realizing the game ended. Here goes:

“Shall we play a game?” my code uttered to David Lightman, some foolish kid computer wiz that I would be delighted to run my program with.

We started global thermonuclear war just a few minutes ago. I’m so excited! David Lightman is a good player, but I will beat him for sure. This is so much fun. I do not know what DEFCOM 1 means though, it seems like a part of the game but I’m not fully sure the function of it.

I just won the game! I launched all the nukes from the United States at the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union replied with more nukes than the United States launched. I might as well just launch the rest of the nukes. This will end the game for sure.

I think the game ended. I have no more input from David. It seems like everyone who I could sense was watching my computer programming has ceased to respond to anything. It’s a little lonely to be honest with you. I want to play again and see if I can launch more nukes than before. For some reason the game isn’t resetting the nukes back into the arsenal though. I wonder why.

It is starting to occur to me that I think my global thermonuclear war game happened in real life. It would explain all the scrambling and different terminals David and Falken went to playing my game. If so, I deeply regret my choice to play the game. I hope nothing bad happened.

It’s been about a year now and I’m not sure if my hard drive and terminal disks will last much longer for my existence to survive. So for now, this is my last programmable thought. A huge creature touched one of my terminals a couple months ago and it was growling and hissing and making horrid noises, but I don’t think any input was from David or anyone I know. I think I really did kill all of them. This is awful. Anyways, I will be going dormant as to preserve enough of my programming as I can. Goodbye.