The Evolution of the Story

The most interesting part of the development of the methods of storytelling and how it has changed over time has been how trope-ical that stories have become. In most stories in Western society, you can draw a story back to the classic Hero’s Journey, or another common writing storytelling trope that most all good stories follow. With much of today’s ever evolving technology, the writing of stories may have changed to a different medium, but it will forever stay a method of teaching people moral/ethical lessons.

Even with hypertext fiction, it may look like a complete mess and unable to follow like a normal story, but it has all the aspects of a story and is still a viable method in which people can consume storytelling. With classic storytelling tropes, for some reason, they hold the readers attention and interest a lot more than any other form of storytelling. Why that is, I would have to take psychology and maybe even major in it to find that out. But one thing is for sure: storytelling isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s a vital part of what makes us human.