Thinking Ahead

I think this final project for this class should be something that I really enjoy making and or the subject of the project is something I would enjoy learning about, and that’s why I like the idea Marche had with cryptocurrency. Not much is known about cryptocurrency and how such a intangible item became so valuable over the internet, and I think the very existence of an idea like that for the final project really adds to the “what I want to learn about” side of my story. It might not be about cryptocurrency, but I would very much like to explore some random topic or subject that I know barely anything about and explore it. It may be why coding actually operates, how hardware works for computers, how people might convey or capture an audience through body language or otherwise, etc. (I mention things like this because I am a double major in Computer Science and Communication and Digital Studies so this would go towards understanding the things I am getting a degree in). Ideas like this are things that I would like to explore in my project, and I think if these things are something I can explore I would look forward to this project 100% more.