Kidd Design

My brother used to be heavily interested in graphic design when he was in high school and I remember him explaining a ton of these concepts to me, being a young middle schooler who’s got no clue what he was talking about. I think the notion that “the best solution to a problem is found in the definition of the problem itself” is very interesting. Thinking about it when reading the article, it applies to pretty much every problem ever. Now if the question is if that notion is new or abstract, I don’t think so, I think us humans just tend to find solutions to problems through the definition of the problem itself unconsciously because that’s really the only way to solve a problem.

I also enjoyed how Kidd says that “graphic design needs your mental participation, even if it’s subconscious.” he explains further how other types of design encourage someone to use other parts of their body to experience them, but graphic design is purely a mind trip. I like the idea that graphic design is pretty much the same as architecture or industrial design, tying all of them up in a common denominator of usage of body parts. That sounds silly, but it really does make sense after thinking about it. Graphic design seems like a very complex method of design and mind stimuli, and it goes to show why it’s a whole profession!