Design Blitz

I walked around campus for about half an hour trying to find some good design elements of buildings or the pavement that I could find, but instead I thought, “why don’t I use every day items that I see in my room?” So I went back to my dorm room and found a few things.

I used this photo in the photo blitz, but it’s also a great way to show design. I wear this hat most of the time I am out in public, and I never really noticed how effective it is at showing both color and symbols. The color of the hat contrasts the eagle logo for Mary Washington with it’s white outline, and the “UMW Eagles” text below the symbol is light enough blue to be distinct from the rest of the grey hat. The eagle above the text is also very intelligently designed, outlining the eagle in white to contrast the eagle inside the outline from the rest of the hat but also making the blue on the eagle the same blue color as the text below the eagle, showing off Mary Washington colors and also representing Mary Washington all at the same time.

I saw typography as a design element and immediately thought, “why did Apple design their keyboard with this font and this way? Well we know the way is the classic QWERTY keyboard layout, but what makes Apple decide which type face to use? notice how the letters are all in a generic font but seemingly different from the type face that this blog is using or that how you use Times New Roman on an essay. I think Apple shows typography as a design element well here, their intention being to make the font style of their keyboard very easy to read and as generic and welcoming as it can be, while also catering toward second language English speakers or otherwise with an easy to read and learn font.

I woke up this morning and saw my bed sheets and thought, “wow, this is rhythm!” No really, these bed sheets are a perfect example of rhythm, the repetition of design elements, in this case white stripes, defined in intervals. It is exactly how these bed sheets have a sense of pattern and texture and is designed beautifully for commercial sale.