Radio Show Tweet Along

Never have I ever cringed as hard as I did listening to myself on the radio show my group and I completed. I realized just how inarticulate I can be when I am thinking and trying to come up with what I want to say, but wow the other group’s radio shows were fantastic! The radio show Walking Memory Ave really gave me some nostalgia and I enjoyed sitting and listening to how similar some people’s childhood experiences were to mine. I really liked the use of sound in that one, there was a soft jazz piano throughout the show that really released some serotonin. I liked the show a lot, however the whole monotonous one person’s story, then bumper/commercial, then next person’s story, etc. was a bit feeling like it was never gonna end (not that that is a bad thing)! Either way, it was a lot of fun participating in the tweet along for both listening to my own show and listening to other’s shows where everyone really did a great job!

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