Photoblitzer Legend

You can find the list of photos that were randomly chosen for me to take below. This was honestly a lot of fun, but I had some limitations, that being I was confined to my dorm room on campus and the fact that its freezing cold the entire week :).

  • The theme is blue. Blue Monday? Blue bird? Or something else blue?
  • A photo representing 100
  • Make a picture of death (but don’t kill anything in doing so).
  • Take a photo dominated by a single color
  • How do ants see the world? Change your viewpoint.
  • Create a photograph that illustrations connection.
  • Includes a “finished product” and at least one of its “raw materials”.

Here are the photos:

This exercise was so much fun. I had a blast scurrying around my room trying to find objects that fit the prompt and trying to capture the object or incorporate whatever technique I thought it wanted me to do as best as I could. The refrigerator picture I think is my favorite because it makes me laugh really hard. I was thinking, “what’s a picture I can take that is dominated by one color?” and I thought yea let’s do the inside of my refrigerator because it’s all white. The second photo represents a 100 because it’s the 100 I’m going to get on this assignment because I am SO GOOD at it. The third picture represents death because of how cold it looked outside and how I would most likely freeze to death if I went out there. The last photo shows a finished product of my relationship with my girlfriend with the material items I have been gifted from her. Overall, this assignment was incredibly fun to try out and it was a blast looking like a weirdo looking around my room for things to take a photo of.

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