DS106 Quarantine Radio Show

It’s FINALLY done! It took a ton of planning and annoyance with the HCC staff and overall hardship and struggle to finally get this thing completed with the whole pandemic occurring, but we finally got it. We (our group) first planned on Saturday to meet at the HCC with the Vocal Booth in the Multimedia Editing Lab reserved to record it in there and then have someone edit it later, but the EagleOne card would not work to get in there and nobody was staffing the building on Saturday so we decided to come back Monday, and sure enough nobody was able to let us in Monday either because “they didn’t have a key to the door” and for some reason only a few classes were able to have access to that room. In the end, we decided to just record it in the comfy chairs right outside of the Editing Lab, and the editing was probably the bulk of the time in which it was my responsibility to do. Either way, this radio show was recorded and edited with Logic Pro and sounds were gathered from Enjoy!

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