Radio Show Brainstorm

I think it’s an interesting idea to try and make a 30 minute radio talk show. I would be interested to tell a story about anything really, my story is your story. I do think, however, it will be hard for me to stretch out just me and few other people talking on a radio show out to 20-30 minutes. Maybe we could talk about school life on campus or life as a lifetime student so far? It might be interesting to detail what it was like making the transition from high school to college, or differentiating between school and the workplace. Or maybe if my group member live in different areas like how on Wednesday’s DS106 radio show, there was a person listening from Washington state, we could provide different perspectives on the landscape we live in or talk about different laws in our states that makes our lifestyles much different. Either way I don’t know what else we could talk about keeping in mind our theme, but I’m excited to see what other people come up with!