Final Project

I hope you enjoy looking at/listening to my project! I decided to dial back and not use video for this project, as my scavenger hunt idea didn’t really work out so I decided to just basically reflect on my life during this semester taking DS106 and the impact this class had on my life. I put a lot of painstaking time into designing the welcome image and I decided I didn’t care about the grade anymore and basically that’s the centerpiece for my project 😂. That alone in my eyes was equal to like 10-15 stars so I made a little mashup of the work I have done over the semester and reflected on this class as a whole with some audio. In summary, I was not going to spend 8 hours of my life making a project that made no sense to make because I would never look back on it again and think it was my best work because I am already on semester burnout, so I made something I will look back on fondly and with pride. Either way, I heavily enjoyed this class, it was a blast and it taught me things I would have never learned in any other class.