Photography at it’s Finest

So these examples I will be using to analyze are not photos I have taken, but rather photos of myself and my girlfriend for Valentines Day. Since they are pretty good photos and likely have a lot of the techniques that make a good photo in them, I chose to use them for this assignment.

Notice how in this photo, there is good contrast, perspective, depth, moment, and a good differentiation between foreground and background. The contrast between the rest of the photo and the confetti being blown at the camera draws attention first to the confetti, and the perspective from where the camera is and where the confetti is being blown to adds to the focus of the confetti as the foreground. The confetti is being used as the foreground with that focus, and the rest of the picture, unconventionally the person in the photo, is being used as the background. Notice how also in this photo and the next one, the anticipation of the moment defines these two photos, as the camera person was quick to catch the photos to capture such a photo.

This photo makes use of the same techniques as the last photo, just with a little more contrast as the color of the confetti is different and a little less focus on the background or the person in the background.

In these next two photos, the techniques that are made useful are the selection, lighting, and foreground/background balance. Since there were multiple photos to chose from to use and multiple poses to do, the camera person was smart to be selective in their choice of poses and got some good photos. The lightning in the above photo is the part of the background I like the best out of any of the other photos in the photoshoot, as the lamp in the background really adds to the cozy and romantic vibe of the photo. Speaking of which in both of these photos, foreground and background distinguishability is made useful as the people in the photo are put in the foreground while the background is selected to highlight the foreground or provide an ambience for the foreground.

Overall these photos did well in capturing their subjects and telling the story of the images that was wanted to be told. While much of these photos are classic portrait photos, or similar to that, the techniques used to take these photos were much more effective than the regular portrait photos one might take in a heavily lit up room for high school graduation or something like that.