For A Good Cause

This might be just for an assignment for DS106, but Alzheimer’s disease is an incredibly awful disease of the mind that affects the memory of those affected. Loved ones are heartbroken as they are forgotten by the victims of this disease. If you would like to help find a cure for this destructive disease that ends someone’s story slowly and without remorse, consider donating. I am attaching the ad I made for the disease to this blog post, and the link to the donation page is in the flyer, and will be included as a hyperlink on this blog post.

For this ad, I used mainly Adobe Photoshop to format the text, image, and design components. I chose to make a ad about Alzheimer’s disease because I have always thought of such a disease as one of the most damning for someone to suffer under.

In going with our theme “What’s your story?”, Alzheimer’s disease leaves a lasting impact not just on the victim, but on the people who love them as well, contributing a great amount to their story and lives.

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